MVP Foundation’s mission is to provide opportunity for at risk children to learn. The program keeps kids safe, improve academic performance, promote students well-being, and help communities at large.

Our vision is to assist kids in learning, address developmental issues facing youths today, and provide practical solutions for working families in under- resourced communities.

The purpose of the Foundation is threefold:

  1. To raise financial support in order to fund programs and provide valuable resources for these children.
  2. To plan new programs reaching the vast majority of at-risk children with an introduction to amateur boxing.
  3. To build awareness and alternative opportunities for children
    who are currently the hope for our future.

This Foundation recognizes the self-evident truth that our children are our future and that every child should be given the opportunity to develop and become a productive and peaceful member of our society. It is our sworn commitment to be dutiful in promoting, facilitating, serving and supporting the advancement of all children in early education and physical development to fulfill this endeavor.

How Are The Funds Used

Your support will help us continue critical programs, as well as provide opportunities for new programs and services. An investment in the Foundation is an investment in today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders – amateur boxing builds social and physical skills that last a lifetime. Show your support for the sport today by making a donation.

Your contribution will be used to support workshops, clinics, camps and other local programs that directly contribute to the development of young boxers.

Your contribution will be used to assist athletes in advancing their education.

Your contribution will be used to support amateur boxing programs and projects including membership registration support and video and scoring technology.

Your contribution will be used to support marketing and promotion to advance the awareness and reputation of amateur boxing at all levels.

The MVP Foundation seeks your financial support.