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MVP Foundation Scholarship Application


The MVP Foundation works to assist multiple international travel organizations and programs in providing youth the opportunity to participate in sports around the globe.  MVP promotes both youth and adults engaging in sports and these trips are athletic competitions at multiple levels.  The goal is to encourage cultural exchange through athletic competition and team building, facilitating the development of both cultural and generational relationships.

Welcome to the MVP Foundation Scholarship Application! Through relationships with multiple international travel organizations and programs, we organize international trips for youth, families, teachers, first responders, and active community members to promote understanding, leadership, and athletic excellence on a global scale.


We are thrilled to share a new scholarship program with funds ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to support travel expenses for deserving candidates. These scholarships are open to individuals aged 8-18 and adults who have made significant contributions to their teams, schools, and/or communities.


Our application process is designed to identify and reward those who demonstrate financial need, merit, and a passion for cultural exchange and sports. The evaluation will be based on essays, video submissions, academic performance, community service, and recommendations.

We encourage you to provide detailed and honest responses to each section of the application. Your answers will help us understand your unique story and assess your suitability for this scholarship.

Thank you for your interest in the MVP Foundation Scholarship. We look forward to learning more about you and supporting your journey toward global cultural exchange and personal growth.

What does this application entail?

  • Basic personal information

  • Essay questions (200 words each)

  • A short video introducing yourself

  • Academic transcript

  • Recommendation letters

  • Community service experience

  • Two references

  • Financial need statement

You can save and revisit this application anytime by clicking the "save" icon and making a Jotform account.

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